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Sliding Puzzle

Collaborators: Chun Cheng


KG-Based Chatbot

Collaborators: Yuchen Lu, Zhengxu Wang


BU Law | Chinese and Korean Race-Based Algorithm

Collaborators: Aditya Agrawal, Liangzhuo Zhang, and Cindy Lu


Predicting Amazon Ratings

Language Project: Future Shanghai [IMAGINED]


Some key features: typewriter effect using JavaScript, scroll reveal effect using JavaScript package, responsive and clickable buttons using HTML and CSS, sentence highlights on hover using CSS, etc.

Assignment details: Choose a city and pretend that we are currently 100 years into the future. Design a website that discusses your city in the present (imagination) and talks about the past 100 years ago (currently).

Project Manager: John Antony

Tech Support: Melissa Zhen

Content Director: Madeline Wong

Visual Designer: Miriam Morris

Shanghai Shanghai

Movie Ticket Booking System [DEMO]

Collaborators: Chun Cheng, Alex Ouyang, and Sam Unger

Presentation Slides